fredag 29. oktober 2010

Proposition of joint business venture

Dear Nations of the world!

This is a proposition of business venture of unmatched possibilties!
The time has come for all of us to sit down and make another war. Please, why not just start it off tomorrow?  We have lots of youth running around with nothing to do but complaining, doing drugs and damaging private property. With the recent economy plunge, we strongly feel that this is the only way to jolt global economy back into a healthy growth. 

We feel that if we can initiate this war we might even get the North Koreans,  Iranians and Chinese in on it to! The corporate media are all ears. What is great though, is that we all strongly feel that this might be the BIG ONE! We might acutally never have to end it properly! There is no limits to how much money can be made if we all just get together and test out all the new weapons we have been researching and developing since Afghanistan and Iraq. There are even new kinds of fire we haven't tried on kids yet! 

We have been stockpiling new drugs just dying to get into the consumer markets! Imagine the profit ventures in an after-war drugmarket initiated by veterans addicted to the drugs we fed them in the field in the first place! And with this war never ending, we will be producing drug addicts at a rate never seen before, and that goes without counting the wounded recovering veterans that will be shooting up drugs by the pound just to pass time or even kill themselves! We do hope you concider this proposition. The world bank and foreign aid programs are channelling funds to the militias as we speak. 

What about collateral damage and the real estate values you say? Well, our recent market analysis show that your businesses will grow faster than ever, if we reduce the amount of living cities worldwide by 2 %.  If we free up some space for new real estate and property development projects in certain heavy populated areas of the world, we could further increase this growth by 1% per year of warfare permanently!

But what about demographics of casulties you say? What about our loved ones and families you say? Since when did we ever lose sleep over casualties? All research tells us that the demographics of casulties in war does not concern our loved ones and family. People with lower than average annual income are overrepresented in global casulties statistics. And remember business at home is the main war effort. This means that practically everyone holding stocks or large fortunes will be fighting the war at home simply by conducting their business as usual. With drafts beeing unimaginable in the modern world, we always get away with war!

Do not be the one that sat the big one out!
We are all just dying to get on with developing war in a global economic context to fit your consumer needs as a nation state.

Yours truly
The Nations of the world

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